We hold that public services such as education have been badly let down by the two-party system.  Labour and Conservative governments have produced wild swings in expenditure with periods of unsustainable spending followed by periods of austerity.


  • We will invest to expand the local capacity of alternative provision, to ensure all children are given every chance to achieve and pursue meaningful education or employment.
  • A teachers’ National Leadership Scheme will be introduced designed to ensure the best leadership talent reaches our most deprived areas, and remains supported when they get there.
  • Arbitrary limits on pupil exclusions shall be lifted, enabling Headteachers to maintain high standards of behaviour in schools.
  • Ofsted inspection will be reformed to abolish the current public grading criteria, which can make retention and recruitment even harder, ensuring no school is harmed by an Ofsted inspection but is instead supported to improve.
  • School league table criteria shall take greater account of provision and outcomes in music, technology, and the arts to give parents more information when choosing schools.
  • All state schools, where possible, shall take part in a ‘Daily Mile’ exercise programme for all staff and pupils.
  • The sale of all sweets and sugary drinks will be banned from state schools.
  • Fee-paying schools will be incentivised to offer more free places.
  • We will invest in opening a new generation of on-site welfare and support hubs that will work with schools to ensure vital support services get quickly to those children and families who need them most.
The Common Good in the National Interest