The SDP is a patriotic, economically left-leaning and culturally traditional party.

General Election Manifesto 2024

Our Manifesto, entitled ‘Homecoming’, sets out the SDP’s vision for Britain including a comprehensive set of policy solutions for housing, trade, industry, health and immigration.

Read our General Election Manifesto here.

End mass immigration

We will reduce net migration to 50,000 per annum and promote a generation long ‘mass immigration pause’ in the interests of integration and social cohesion.

We will withdraw from the 1951 UN refugee convention, the ECHR and all other international instruments which deny UK border sovereignty.

Read more about our immigration policies.

Re-nationalise our railways and utilities

We will re-nationalise our railway system. Rail operator franchises will be taken back into public ownership via a re-established British Railways.

We will re-nationalise power supply and distribution via a new body, ‘British Energy’ which will also be responsible for implementing the UK’s energy strategy, and the underwriting and construction of new power generation plants and infrastructure.

Read more about our transport, energy and utilities policies.

Make a decent home available for everyone

We will establish a British Housing Corporation (BHC) to oversee and fund the construction of 100,000 social homes per year.

We will bring forward legislation to increase security of tenure and to encourage longer term tenancies in the private rented sector.

Read more about our housing policies.

Meet our leader, William Clouston

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