Britain must lead by example in being at the forefront of global action to combat climate change and pollution from plastics and other sources.


  • The SDP is internationalist and will honour and comply with our global environmental obligations.
  • Direct incentives shall be introduced to encourage a switch to environmentally friendly products.
  • We shall develop and strengthen existing government plans to make the UK a global leader in carbon capture and storage.
  • We shall mandate energy efficiency into the planning and building regulations system.
  • Best practice in the food packaging and food retail industries will be mandated by law to reduce plastics pollution.
  • A 25p charge will be levied on disposable cups, refundable on return to a recycling bin and mandate that all cups returned to such bins must be recycled.
  • Financial incentives will be provided to farmers, local authorities, and other landowners to regenerate UK ecosystems and capture carbon through landscape scale habitat restoration.
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