Animal Welfare

We believe that animals are sentient beings and we are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare.


  • Free trade agreements will require trade in animal-derived products to adhere to equivalent standards as UK animal welfare laws.
  • Financial support for UK agriculture will incentivise and reward farmers whose production systems adhere to higher welfare standards.
  • Species-specific limits will be introduced on maximum journey times and travel conditions for all farm animals.
  • The quantity of meat slaughtered under the Religious Exemption shall not exceed UK domestic demand.
  • Export of meat killed by non-stun slaughter methods is to be banned and the Import of non-stun slaughter meat will also be banned unless the country of origin has equivalent animal welfare standards to the UK.
  • All meat product sold in the UK shall include clear labelling regarding the method of slaughter. Labelling to be clear if the meat is Halal or Kosher.
  • Abattoir inspections shall be increased and tougher sentencing will be introduced for individuals found to be mistreating animals.
  • Increase funding directed towards developing and validating humane alternatives to animal experimentation.
  • The use of wild animals in circuses will be banned.
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