Culture, Media & Sport

We cherish Britain’s culture which has made such a vast contribution to western and human civilization. Our heritage is worthy of protection and we will defend it wholeheartedly against those who wish to denigrate and undermine it. Our culture is the foundation which allows everyone in these islands to nourish and support their personal growth to bring joy, contemplation, understanding, entertainment, social interaction and well-being.


  • The BBC will be funded from general taxation rather than a licence fee. It will support national cohesion by focusing on news, cultural and educational content less readily funded by commercial channels. It will be audited against the highest standards of balance and impartiality.
  • National Arts Council funding will be substantially increased for those organisations which foster artistic and craft excellence.
  • School league table criteria shall take greater account of provision and outcomes in music, technology, and the arts to give parents more information when choosing schools. All schools will be funded to provide after-school music or art tuition.
  • Public funding of culture, media and sports organisations will be conditional on those organisations respecting the principles of balance and free speech. Institutions that fail to do so, by censoring artefacts, promoting sectarian agendas or deterring people from civil discourse, will have funding withdrawn.
  • We will ensure that all significant statues and monuments are listed and protected at national level.
  • A tax of 1% of turnover shall be levied on all Premier League football clubs to fund the construction of new football pitches and community facilities throughout the country.
  • Sports clubs shall be granted new rights to lease their sports grounds from local authority landlords on a long-term lease at a peppercorn rent – giving clubs security of tenure necessary to grow.
  • Except where extenuating circumstances prevent it, schools will undertake a mandatory ‘daily mile’ whereby pupils and staff run, jog or walk one mile per day.
Family, Community, Nation.