Culture, Media & Sport

Leisure time allows citizens to pursue activities which bring joy, contemplation, understanding, entertainment, social interaction and well being. Culture and sport are worthy of support for their own sake rather than as tools to fulfil external agendas such as identity politics and economic regeneration.


  • Public ownership and control of the BBC shall be maintained along with its core free to air content.
  • The BBC licence fee will be abolished and replaced with a mixture of direct government funding and support from subscription services.
  • A Royal Commission will be undertaken into BBC and Channel 4 editorial and political bias with mandated recommendations to secure impartiality.
  • National Arts Council funding policies will be modified to end divisive race, gender and ‘diversity’ strategies and replace them with those which celebrate the panoply of traditional and contemporary British culture, foster international co-operation.
  • Public funding of culture, media and sports organisations will be conditional on those organisations respecting the principles of free speech, freedom of expression and free association. Institutions that fail to do so, such as through censoring artefacts or deterring people from civil discourse, will have funding withdrawn.
  • A tax of 1% of turnover shall be levied on all Premier League football clubs to fund the construction of new football pitches and community facilities throughout the country.
  • Sports clubs shall be granted new rights to lease their sports grounds from Local Authority landlords on a long-term lease at a peppercorn rent – giving clubs security of tenure necessary to grow.
  • All schools shall undertake a mandatory ‘daily mile’ whereby pupils and staff run, jog or walk one mile per day.
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