A widespread values and virtues-led cultural renewal is needed, aimed at dramatically improving citizens’ happiness, health and well being.


  • Abolish the BBC licence fee.  Replace it with a mixture of free to view and subscription services ensuring that BBC1, BBC2 and BBC radio would continue to be free to air.
  • Retain public ownership of the BBC.
  • Hold a review of the best way of safeguarding BBC editorial independence whilst ensuring full impartiality.
  • Mandate all schools and encourage all businesses to operate a ‘daily mile’ scheme, whereby pupils and colleagues are encouraged to run, jog or walk one mile a day.
  • Give sports clubs the right to lease their sports grounds from Local Authority Landlords on a long-term lease at a peppercorn rent – giving clubs security of tenure and thus encouraging them to create more teams to promote health and fitness among young people.
The Common Good in the National Interest