Britain must play a leading and constructive role within the UN, NATO, the WTO and the Commonwealth. However, Western powers must learn to respect sovereign frontiers.  We oppose the disastrous attempts to impose liberal democracy on complex societies in the Middle East via military intervention.


  • Maintain Britain’s membership of NATO and observe the NATO target of spending a minimum of 2% of GDP on defence.
  • Maintain the independence of the British Military and resist any attempt to absorb it into a European Army.
  • In keeping with our membership of the UN Security Council, Britain shall play a full part in fully authorised UN peacekeeping missions.
  • Maintain and update Britain’s nuclear defence capabilities – essential in a world where unstable regimes have, or are, developing a nuclear capability.
  • The size of the British Army will be increased and recruitment shall be put back under Army control.
  • Aircraft carriers will form an integral part of our ability to protect our Overseas Territories. A larger surface fleet is also necessary to protect the Carriers.
  • Learn from the mistakes of recent decades in relation to UK involvement in foreign wars. Future decisions on defence spending will focus primarily on the defence of British territory.
  • Increase spending on Intelligence to combat terrorism and cyber-warfare as a proportion of the overall defence budget and commit to the UK’s continued participation in the ‘five eyes’ security system.
  • Build the UK’s own Satellite Navigation system with trusted partners such as Canada and Australia.
  • Offer a significantly enhanced deal for our veterans. Increase housing priority, dedicated medical services, and reduce employers’ National Insurance for employment in the first two years after leaving the armed service, giving businesses a clear incentive to employ veterans.
Family, Community, Nation.