Tech Regulation

The digital revolution brings significant benefit but has serious social costs and externalities. The scalable efficiencies which digital technology produces has coincided with an epidemic of anxiety and poor mental health – particularly in children and young adults. New threats of digital political interference, cyber warfare and AI are emerging and almost every aspect of our lives is subject to digital tracking, surveillance and a consequent loss of privacy. These challenges require a proactive and cooperative relationship between the citizen and business and – where necessary – a robust and protective approach from government.

  • All smart phones and similar devices supplied to, sold to or used by under 16s will be subject to age-restricted controls on apps and content – regulated by a national kite marking authority.
  • Smart phones will be banned in schools. Each school will be responsible for the confiscation and storage of such devices until the end of the school day.  Schools will be required by law to impound devices found on students during the school day for 14 days.
  • The Online Safety Act will be strengthened to better protect the right to freedom of speech and promote personal responsibility. Social media companies will have a duty to ensure that their strategy for combating misinformation is politically impartial, transparent and compliant with UK law.
  • We will restore the British principle that speech will not be a police matter unless it clearly incites or threatens crime or terrorism.  We will, however, firmly enforce existing laws against these.
  • The legal age of access to online pornography will be raised to 18 and age verification will be required, via proof of credit/debit card ownership or other accredited age confirmation method.
  • Advertising online gambling will be banned in the UK.
  • A “digital border” application will be created to detect digital content which is malignantly pornographic, supportive of terrorism or otherwise contrary to law.  All internet service providers operating in the UK will be required to utilise this scanning software and take steps to block undesirable content.
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