We will introduce a new house building programme, resulting in the construction of 300,000 council homes.


  • A new council house building programme will be introduced involving the construction of 300,000 new council homes over 10 years which will house over one million people.
  • All UK District, Unitary, County and London Boroughs will participate in the programme and Community Councils will not be excluded.
  • Existing council and social housing tenants will continue to enjoy ‘right to buy’ opportunities in their existing homes.  However, ‘right to buy’ shall not apply to newly constructed Council Housing.
  • Council house stock as a percentage of total UK housing shall be increased over future parliaments.
  • New council housing will include a sufficient number of homes which are either specifically designed for, or fully modified, for the use of disabled citizens.
  • Local Authorities shall offer building trade apprenticeships to young people participating in the council house programme.
  • Large-scale new housing developed by private house-builders shall include new council housing as a component of planning gain.
  • A new ‘luxury’ council tax band will be introduced on high value homes as well as an increased council tax levy on second homes.
  • Tackle homelessness via increased provision of supervised hostel places with support services relating to drug, alcohol and mental health issues.
  • Immigration policy shall be framed to take full account of its consequences on the rate of UK household formation and of housing policy in general.
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