We will nationalise the railways, invest in new infrastructure, and expand public transport provision.


  • Our railway system will be nationalised. Rail operator franchises will be taken back into public ownership as they fall due via a re-established British Railways.
  • British Railways will be a comprehensive, fully integrated system encompassing track and infrastructure, rolling stock and stations.
  • A Minister for Rail will be introduced, responsible and accountable for making the system work for the public and passengers.
  • We will scrap HS2 and invest some of the freed-up funds to create a Great Northern Railway Network, better linking up the towns and cities of the North of England to unleash their joint potential.
  • Funding for regional and rural bus travel will be increased in order to protect the viability of and patronage on essential routes.
  • VAT on motor vehicles costing more than £35,000 will be increased to 25%.
  • An ‘Oyster card’ type system shall be introduced in every UK Region.
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