Crime & Justice

We will prioritise community policing, protect emergency workers, and increase investment in the prison system.


  • Police and Crime Commissioners will be abolished. The oversight of policing will be the responsibility of Police Authorities comprising elected members from local government together with co-opted members from police unions, victims groups, the NHS and the Fire Service.
  • Cannabis shall remain illegal for recreational use but licensed derivatives shall be permitted for medical treatment.
  • Community policing shall be prioritised and frontline police numbers shall be increased by 20,000 throughout the parliamentary term.
  • Legal aid shall be maintained to ensure all that need it can be represented fairly and equally.
  • Increased investment in the prison system, to ensure justice for victims of crime, containment of criminal activity and rehabilitation.
  • Better protection and support will be secured for blue light service workers on and off duty, including the reintroduction of police housing within our communities.
  • Leadership roles will be developed within prison governance to include current or former Headteachers with responsibility for ensuring a high quality education is offered to all, and ensure support and development is offered by the local education authority where required.
Family, Community, Nation.