Crime & Justice

Human progress depends on an orderly, law-abiding society. Criminals should expect to be promptly apprehended, convicted, and proportionately punished. A strong, well-resourced police force and criminal justice system will pay for itself by deterring crime and boosting economic growth. We will strongly support the historic liberties afforded by the British constitution and the common law, rather than abstract universal rights which transfer power from parliament and the people to judges.


  • British common law will remain the bedrock of the legal system : parliamentary sovereignty, trial by jury, presumption of innocence, freedom from pre-trial prejudice, and the right to legal representation.
  • Resources in front-line policing will be significantly increased with a focus on the highest-crime neighbourhoods. Police will have one metric only: the reduction and detection of crime in their neighbourhood.
  • We will increase funding of the criminal justice system so that courts can deliver justice no later than three months after charge, and we will build prison capacity according to need.  Prisons will become safe, orderly institutions – whatever it takes.
  • Sentences for repeat offences and violent crime will be doubled.  Because most crime is committed by habitual criminals, anyone who is convicted of three serious offences over the age of 18 will serve a minimum of ten years’ in jail.
  • All persons released from prison will be allocated a job at a partner employer with all employment costs (at minimum wage) borne by the government for two years, if they do not have a job to go to.
  • The SDP is committed to maintenance of a high-quality public realm. Graffiti, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, with perpetrators subject to exemplary and visible community service orders.
  • Non-British citizens who serve jail time will be swiftly deported upon release from prison, and permanently barred from re-entry.
  • Cannabis will remain illegal and on-the-spot fines will be enforced for use.
Family, Community, Nation.