We believe the state has lost confidence in its own capacity for direct provision and intervention in the service of the nation.  We believe that out-sourcing – as a tool to avoid democratic responsibility – has strayed well beyond its useful limits.  


  • No public sector employee should be paid more than the Prime Minister.  Going forward, all new local government and quango employment contracts shall be subject to this limit.
  • All local government elections will be held under proportional representation.
  • A system of unitary local government will be established in each county and metropolitan district.
  • Parish and Town Councils will have an enhanced role in their local areas.
  • Councils will have more direct responsibilities in the fields of transport and public housing.
  • Police and Crime Commissioners will be abolished. The oversight of policing will be the responsibility of Police Authorities comprising elected members from local government together with co-opted members from police unions, victims groups, the NHS and the Fire Service.
  • A National Corruption Office will be established with full investigatory and prosecuting powers to deal with public allegations of fraud and corruption in local government.
The Common Good in the National Interest