We will vigorously resist the naive ambitions of both ‘open border’ zealots and neoliberal ideologues in the interest of Britain’s community relations and the survival of our hard-won welfare state.  Britain’s immigration policy must be skills-based, needs-based, legal and subject to democratic control.


  • Immigration policy shall be based on applicant aptitudes rather than their country of origin. There must be a level playing field for applicants from every country in the world.
  • Our overall aim is to contain net immigration to fewer than 100,000 per year but in addition, to introduce an annual cap on gross immigration.
  • A points system will be introduced for migrants. All will be required to agree to a pledge to uphold and adhere to contemporary British values as a condition of migration.
  • Information and data systems at UK border control shall be upgraded such that the UK authorities know who is in the country and who is not.
  • A Royal Commission on community integration and social cohesion shall be instituted.
Family, Community, Nation.