Foreign Affairs

Britain’s foreign policy should promote, protect and defend Britain’s interests. Britain is not a charity, but we are a strong promoter of parliamentary democracy and individual liberty throughout the world. As such we will pursue alliances with trusted nations to those ends and play a leading and constructive role within the UN, NATO and the Commonwealth.


  • Britain will not intervene militarily in foreign countries with a view to imposing western democracy or values, unless there is a clear and direct threat to our national security.
  • Britain will retain an independent nuclear deterrent, continue its NATO membership and the corresponding commitments to national defence spending, and maintain its position as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
  • We will undertake a review of our involvement in all current international treaties to assess whether they remain fit for purpose, and whether they continue to serve the UK’s national interest.
  • We will pursue a joint strategic defence pact with Canada, Australia and New Zealand with an emphasis on force development, production and procurement aimed at domestic defence rather than projection of power.
  • We recognise that China is a major world power in the 21st Century and we will engage constructively with it as a trading partner.  We will, however, ensure complete transparency of Chinese influence in UK institutions and forestall control of critical UK infrastructure.
  • We will pursue deeper defence and trade and investment cooperation with India, Japan and South Korea as major regional trading powers in the Pacific.
  • While defending our status as an independent democratic nation-state, we will engage constructively with our friends and neighbours in the European Union on trade, scientific and economic development and defence.
  • We will end the commitment to spend 0.7% of GNI on overseas aid.
  • We condemn Russia’s self-defeating invasion of Ukraine and support Ukraine’s continued resistance.  However, we regard a cessation to military activity as a necessary pre-condition to a negotiated and lasting peace settlement and we support the involvement of all parties and the United Nations in pursuing such.
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