The SDP’s National New Deal is a programme for growth and renewal. We want a strong economy and a fair society. We want every part of Britain to grow and prosper which requires a strong and capable state and a vigorous economy. 

Our policies flow logically from the aims and values set out in the New Declaration published in 2018. We believe in prosperity, community and democracy and we are proud to call ourselves social democrats.

A clear disconnect exists between the political elites and the public. This has been seen most vividly in recent years over Brexit. Parliament trusted voters to make a decision and it is vitally important for the health of our democracy that the decision to leave the EU is upheld.

Britain now has a once in a lifetime opportunity to renew itself as a modern, tolerant and outward-looking country. Economic renewal means a fundamentally rebalanced economy towards new forms of highly-skilled manufacturing, towards all regions of the UK and towards all individuals through more progressive forms of taxation.

Contrary to the claims of modern-day liberals and libertarians people do not exist in isolation. We are all part of multi-layered communities – the nation, the locality and the family. We exercise rights but also responsibilities and our programme reflects this across a broad range of policies. Greater individual responsibility, trust and social solidarity will, we believe, make Britain a happier and more productive nation.

SDP Policy 2019
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The Common Good in the National Interest