Public services such as education and the NHS have been badly let down by the two-party system.  Labour and Conservative governments have produced wild swings in expenditure with periods of unsustainable spending followed by periods of austerity.


  • The NHS, free at the point of need, must remain the bedrock of healthcare in our country. We reject suggestions that it is not sustainable long-term.
  • The share of national income spent on the NHS over future parliamentary terms shall be increased.
  • Funding for mental health services shall be increased as a share of overall NHS spending over future parliamentary terms for so long as the growing incidence of mental illness justifies this.
  • A National Care Service (NCS) shall be established to organise social care and fund it once a recipient has reached an agreed ceiling for their own financial contributions.
  • National Insurance ID Cards will be issued to all citizens to help ensure that health services are provided for those who are entitled to them.
The Common Good in the National Interest