Health & Social Care

We will increase spending for mental health services and establish a National Care Service to better organise social care.


  • The NHS, free at the point of need, must remain the bedrock of healthcare in our country. We reject suggestions that it is not sustainable long-term.
  • The share of national income spent on the NHS over future parliamentary terms shall be increased.
  • Funding for mental health services shall be increased as a share of overall NHS spending over future parliamentary terms for so long as the growing incidence of mental illness justifies this.
  • A National Care Service (NCS) shall be established to organise social care and fund it once a recipient has reached an agreed ceiling for their own financial contributions.
  • National Insurance ID Cards will be issued to all citizens to help ensure that health services are provided for those who are entitled to them.
  • Counsellors and Psychotherapists will be regulated by a General Counselling and Psychotherapy Council in the same manner as other professions regulated by General Councils.
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