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SDP calls for measured response to Omicron variant

27th November, 2021 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) calls for a measured and proportionate response to the new “Omicron” variant of the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus identified in South Africa and Botswana. We call for the government to enact strict travel bans against Read more

SDP opposes calls for new pandemic restrictions

22nd October, 2021 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) opposes calls by the British Medical Association (BMA) for the government to introduce its ‘Plan B’ pandemic measures which include mandatory face coverings, vaccine passports and increased home working. Such measures would Read more

SDP opposes 10,000 new temporary visas

27th September, 2021 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) condemns the government’s creation of 10,000 temporary visas for HGV drivers and poultry workers. Instead, our party calls on the government to support the creation of emergency domestic training schemes to Read more

Social Democrats welcome EU Trade Agreement

30th December, 2020 – The SDP broadly welcomes the agreement reached between the European Union and the UK Government, and acknowledges it as a vital step in the restoration of national sovereignty. SDP leader William Clouston says: “The conclusion of Read more

Social Democrats oppose new COVID-19 restrictions

11th September, 2020 – The SDP today announces its opposition to the government’s new COVID-19 restrictions. We call on the government to instead adopt a sustainable public response to the pandemic, befitting the long-term challenges it poses. The newly-unveiled restrictions Read more

Social Democrats oppose single unitary authority in Surrey

9th September, 2020 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) today announces its opposition to Conservative-controlled Surrey County Council’s proposal create a “single unitary authority” across Surrey, which will eliminate the county’s 11 Borough and District councils. If created, a single Read more

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