Following Theresa May’s failure to guarantee leaving the EU even on her delayed date of April 12, SDP Brexit spokesman Patrick O’Flynn said:

“It is now quite clear that the Westminster establishment parties are out to thwart Brexit altogether. Effectively the votes of 17.4m people have been stolen and are now to be destroyed.

“The Tories, Labour and all the establishment parties have decided to trash democracy by reneging on election pledges to respect the referendum verdict.

“It is a staggering spectacle to behold. I urge voters to resolve not to vote for any party that countenances any further delay to a full WTO Brexit. Parties that do not respect your vote do not deserve your vote.

“The SDP is the party to join and support for all Leave voters who wish to see the result of the referendum implemented, investment in public services increased on the home front and no quarter given to extremism.”

Family, Community, Nation.