SDP Brexit spokesman Patrick O’Flynn MEP said: “Theresa May and the Tories have broken promise after promise to the British people. But her decision to cancel Brexit for the second time shows she has no intention of ever enacting the will of 17.4 million Leave voters.

“Her tenure at No10 Downing Street has been characterised by dither, deceit and political cowardice. To say she is not up to the job must be the understatement of the Millennium to date. The Conservatives once liked to think of themselves as the patriotic party but now they have been unmasked as a party that is totally in hock to a handful of multinational businesses and politically correct pressure groups.

“In their mindset our great country is reduced to the status of Northern Europe Production Zone B. The democratic will of its people means nothing to them. I appeal to Brexit supporters within Tory ranks to now leave that party and join the SDP – I know many have already done so. We are an honest, passionate, pro-Brexit party that believes Britain is good enough to govern itself and that the referendum result must be implemented immediately and in full. The establishment parties in Westminster have shown they are out of touch and contemptuous of the will of the people. It is time they were swept away.”

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