Reform of Britain’s broken political system is long overdue, and we will be at the forefront of reinvigorating democratic politics.


  • An English Parliament will be established outside London. Bids from cities in the Midlands and the North wishing to host it will be invited.
  • The Parliaments of England, Wales and Scotland will have powers equivalent to, or greater than, those of the current Scottish Parliament.
  • All public elections in the UK will be conducted under proportional representation to ensure that legislatures better reflect public opinion.
  • The House of Lords will be abolished.
  • The UK Westminster Parliament will become unicameral.  The House of Commons will have responsibility for matters affecting the whole of the UK such as foreign policy, defence, national security, and immigration.
  • The House of Commons will be reformed so as to increase the power of individual MP’s in relation to the government.  Select Committees will be given more power and there will be more free votes to reduce the stranglehold of the whips.
  • A British Bill of Rights will be introduced which reflects national culture, custom and traditions.
  • No public sector employee should be paid more than the Prime Minister.  Going forward, all new local government and quango employment contracts shall be subject to this limit.

Family, Community, Nation.