Social Democrats celebrate 40th anniversary of Limehouse Declaration

25th January, 2021 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) today celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Limehouse Declaration, which triggered the formation of the party. Issued on January 25th 1981 by the prominent Labour politicians Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rogers and Shirley Williams, the Limehouse Declaration signalled the group’s intent to leave the Labour party and found their own political movement. To this day, the Limehouse Declaration remains the most significant challenge to two-party duopoly in British political history.

In 2018 the SDP built upon the ideals of Limehouse with the New Declaration, which called for a stronger and more capable state along with greater individual responsibility, trust and social solidarity. Today, the SDP occupies a unique place in British politics, with an ethos informed by patriotism, left-leaning economics and cultural traditionalism.

With the SDP now approaching its 40th anniversary, the revived and enduring party looks forward to continuing the original goal of the Limehouse Declaration – the renewal of British politics and society.

SDP leader William Clouston says:

“The SDP is very proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Limehouse Declaration. It’s an important day not just for thousands of SDP members throughout the country but for all British citizens. The British people know they’re not well governed by Conservative and Labour parties, which seem increasingly out of touch and devoid of ideas.

“The case for fundamental political reform remains as cogent today as it was 40 years ago. As the speed of the SDP’s recent resurgence demonstrates, people are crying out for a sensible party – one that rejects divisive politics, believes in the British people and actually governs in the national interest.”

Family, Community, Nation.