SDP Councillor Wayne Dixon celebrates his campaign
SDP Councillor Wayne Dixon celebrates his campaign

Social Democratic Party (SDP) makes election breakthrough in Leeds – A victory for sensible, mainstream politics

The SDP’s Wayne Dixon has won a dramatic victory in the Middleton Park ward in Leeds in Thursday’s local elections, pushing Labour to second place.

Councillor Dixon called it “a victory for sensible, mainstream politics that local people can understand.”

SDP leader William Clouston said:-

“The Leeds result is built on growing interest in the SDP. We’re Britain’s fastest growing political party and we’ve seen a steady increase in votes in local and national elections in recent years. Now the SDP has shown it can win.”

“Wayne Dixon’s success in Leeds – in a big city ward of 30,000 people – simply confirms what we are hearing on the doorstep – the public is crying out for a political party that’s straight with them. The SDP has strong policies on housing, the economy, transport, education, defence and immigration.”

“I think a key factor is our success is that – like most of our fellow countrymen and women – the SDP is patriotic. We don’t think the country is perfect but we like Britain and are proud of our country’s achievements.”

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