Patrick O’Flynn, MEP for the East of England, has joined the Social Democratic Party.

Commenting on his reasons for leaving UKIP Patrick stated:

“Like many on the communitarian wing of the party, I have decided to join the resurgent SDP, which campaigned for Brexit during the referendum and espouses broad and moderate pro-nation state political values that I – and I believe many of our voters from 2014 – will be delighted to endorse.”

SDP Party Leader William Clouston commented:

“The SDP is delighted that Patrick O’Flynn MEP has joined the party. It’s a great day for the resurgent SDP and a great day for social democracy. We believe that millions of British people will support the communitarian approach to politics in our New Declaration. The SDP has been quietly building membership all over the country and we’ve had a fantastic response to the New Declaration.

Our aim is to provide a political home to all social democrats who seek a stronger more capable state along with greater individual responsibility, trust and social solidarity. We have consistently supported the nation-state as the upper limit – and the defining unit – of democracy. The SDP believes the 2016 referendum vote must be respected.”

Family, Community, Nation.