PETERBOROUGH-based Member of the European Parliament Patrick O’Flynn has been selected as the Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary candidate for the city in advance of a hotly-anticipated by-election.

East of England MEP Mr O’Flynn pledged to give thousands of Brexit voters in the city a champion in Westminster if elected in the contest which is expected soon following the criminal conviction of sitting Labour MP Fiona Onasanya for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

He said: “I am delighted to have been selected by the SDP to fight this crucial by-election. Voters in Peterborough can now be assured they will have a truly committed and experienced Brexiteer to vote for who will take on the establishment parties that are betraying the referendum result before our eyes in flagrant breach of their manifesto promises at the last general election.

“I will also use the campaign to set out bold new ideas from the SDP to tackle other major issues in Peterborough such as overdevelopment, homelessness and growing levels of crime and anti-social behaviour that are undermining the quality of life in parts of the city. Let us hope a date for this much-needed by-election is announced very soon. The people of Peterborough deserve much better representation than they have at the moment, that’s for sure.”

Party Chairwoman Sarah Devenney commented “Patrick O’Flynn has a proven track record as a robust, campaigning politician of integrity. A by-election would present voters in Peterborough with the crystal clear opportunity to switch up.”

SDP Party Leader William Clouston stated: “We’re delighted at the prospect of a by-election in Peterborough and pleased the SDP has such a strong, locally well known candidate in Patrick O’Flynn. This is an ideal opportunity for the SDP – and for the people of Peterborough – to send a message to Westminster .”

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