Social Democrats Largest Field of Candidates since 1987

14th November, 2019 – The Social Democratic Party (SDP) is delighted to announce that it is standing 20 candidates in the 2019 General Election. It’s the SDP’s largest field of candidates since 1987 and reflects the party’s strong resurgence in recent years. The SDP has candidates throughout the country but the party is specifically targeting its efforts in Labour strongholds like Jarrow, Leeds Central, Tottenham, Neath and Cynon Valley. Traditional Labour voters will find the SDP’s clear pro-Brexit, Social Market approach very attractive combined with its strong commitment to Railway Nationalisation, fighting crime and new Council House building.

SDP Leader William Clouston said:

“The Social Democrats General Election challenge is a major breakthrough for the party. We’re re-emerging as national party and I’m delighted to see SDP candidates campaigning all over the country. The SDP has a very distinctive ‘red and blue’ approach to politics which people find appealing. At a time when voters are offered a dreary choice of either ‘left’ or ‘right’ the Social Democrats propose a sensible blend of policies.

We want Brexit completed but we also have a wide-ranging set of polices which focus on the social aspects of life – the family, community and nation. Millions of British people are fed up with the two-party system of Labour and the Tories. People are crying out for a better alternative – which is why the SDP is growing so quickly. It’s an exciting time for the SDP.”

The seats which the SDP is contesting are:

Edinburgh South West, Jarrow, Keighley, Thirsk and Malton, York Central, Leeds Central, Leeds West, Wentworth and Dearne, Warrington South, Warwick and Leamington, Cambridge, Watford, Basildon and Billericay, Epping Forest, Cynon Valley, Neath, Tottenham, Tooting, Havant, Folkestone and Hythe.


Family, Community, Nation.