SDP 2024 Manifesto Launch

The SDP will launch its 2024 General Election Manifesto on Tuesday 11th June 2024 at Belle Isle Working Men’s Club, Belle Isle Road, Leeds LS10 3PE at 7pm.

The Manifesto, entitled ‘Homecoming’, will set out the SDP’s vision for Britain including a comprehensive set of policy solutions for housing, trade, industry, health and immigration.

SDP Leader William Clouston stated:  

If only there were an alternative…’ is so often the cry from citizens let down by governments too weak to protect them, too shy to defend our interests and too addicted to the short-term fix to plan and invest for our future. 

A restoration is required and is offered by the SDP.  We can build houses, invest in industry, procure nuclear power stations and defend our national borders – if we elect people who want to do so.

We are proud to call ourselves Social Democrats and we present a manifesto grounded in the realms which unite us – family, neighbourhood and nation. ‘

Copies of the manifesto are available by contacting:

Family, Community, Nation.