Councillor Pogson-Golden celebrates her victorious campaign

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has secured a further dramatic victory over Labour in Leeds by winning a second seat on the City Council in Middleton Park.  SDP candidate Emma Pogson-Golden won the seat convincingly just one year after Wayne Dixon’s stunning victory in 2022.

Councillor Pogson-Golden commented: 

‘I’ve lived here all my life. This is a victory not just for the SDP but for local people who need a voice.  I’m amazed what Cllr Wayne Dixon has achieved and I’m thrilled to join him in making our community a better, cleaner place for us and our families to live.’

SDP Leader William Clouston said:

‘I’m delighted that the SDP’s hard work has again won the voters’ trust. It’s another victory for mainstream politics.  The people of Leeds can see that we share their values and want the same things – safe neighbourhoods with community spirit.’

‘SDP Councillors work hard and word is quickly spreading about our distinctive policies on the family, new industry and decent housing.  It’s all very encouraging.’ 

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