The Social Democratic Party (SDP) announces that Amy Gallagher has won the selection to run as the party’s candidate in the 2024 London Mayoral election.

Amy Gallagher

Amy Gallagher outlined her decision to stand:

“London means so much to me. It’s where I was born and has always been my home. As the daughter of a taxi driver, some of my earliest memories are of my Dad learning the Knowledge of London; he’d never hesitate to identify street names or tell the family the best routes for travel. He was proud to drive round London and take tourists to all the famous locations. I’ve ended up travelling around London a lot too. Working as a nurse in hospitals and in the community, I’ve seen how the city has changed. Poor living conditions, lack of community, division, increases in crime, unreliable public transport: many people feel like politicians have let them down and they never get the change they were promised.

The SDP is growing in numbers because its policies speak to this. The SDP actually want to solve problems rather than scoring political points. More and more people are noticing this. I am so pleased to be representing a party that is giving people hope for a new kind of politics. I think this is so vital. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow and being a part of that. I’m really looking forward to running the best campaign we can. Thank you so much to the SDP London members who voted during the selection process. Let’s go!”

SDP Leader William Clouston commented: 

“I’m absolutely delighted that the SDP has selected Amy Gallagher as its London Mayoral candidate.  Amy has lived in London all her life and has invaluable experience as a community nurse – but what’s really impressive is the bravery she showed as a whistleblower at the Tavistock Clinic to stand up to divisive and harmful ideology.  It takes courage to do what’s right – and the drive to see it through.  

The London Mayoralty is a mess. We must do better. People are looking for a new champion and in Amy Gallagher they have someone who’ll put them first, fight hard and bring Londoners together.  Vote SDP!  Vote Amy!”

Family, Community, Nation.