London Mayoral Manifesto – Amy Gallagher

Making London work for you

Life is hard enough without the Mayor of London making it worse. The London Mayor has a budget of £17 billion of your money, but how many of us can say that we have a city fit for the 21st century? As SDP Mayor, Amy Gallagher will work hard to make London work for you; to put an end to the wasteful spending of the Khan years, and give you value for your money.

About Amy

Amy Gallagher is an NHS nurse and whistleblower. She is concerned about the negative impact of ideology on healthcare due to her own experiences of challenging the ideas of Critical Race Theory within psychotherapy. As a result of this, Amy is currently involved in high profile litigation against the Tavistock and Portman clinic. Having worked as a community nurse in London for many years, Amy has seen how the city has changed for the worse. Poor living conditions, lack of community, division, increases in crime, unreliable public transport: Amy is aware that many people feel let down by politicians. With the SDP, she aims to give people hope for a new and better kind of politics.

Stand Up To Woke

Sadiq Khan has wasted so much money on virtue signalling nonsense while neglecting the needs of Londoners. As SDP Mayor, Amy Gallagher will Stand up to Woke! She will fight the woke dogma that is destroying London’s industries, culture, and atmosphere.

Colourblind policy: The SDP stands with the Equality Act 2010 and Martin Luther King Jr. that people should be judged on the content of their character, not the colour of their skin. We will apply this colourblind approach across London employment and appointments.

Don’t Divide Us: No more racialised divisive politics which drive people apart. The Mayor of London will serve all Londoners equally as citizens.

Defund WOKE and political correctness: The SDP will stop all woke and “Diversity Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) spending and save you money. No more LGBTQ+ rainbow flags, BLM groups, ‘Maaate’ propaganda films – the function of the Mayor is to make London’s transport, policing, environment and housing all work for you.

Local politics, not global politics: We will not use the mayoralty as a platform for international “causes”. Whatever we think of the US president, or the situation in Gaza, or anywhere else, Amy will use the mayoralty strictly as a neutral platform for promoting London and the interests of the Londoners she serves.

Celebrate Britain: The SDP will commission five new statues for great British artists of global stature. Selection will be based on global reputation and artistic and historic significance, not on fashionable canons of “identity”. The fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square will be used for this – not, as it is now, a showground for flies on ice cream cones, giant thumbs, or activists who fought against Britain.

Policing – End Gang Violence in London

With Amy as Mayor, the SDP will act to end gang violence and knife crime in London. Terror is NOT “part and parcel of living in a big city”, as Sadiq Khan claims, nor is crime. Not standing up to crime is a choice made by our political class who do not want to offend potential criminals, gangs, terrorists, and cartels.

The SDP stands for a decent, fully law-abiding, civic society, and we will deploy the resources to make us feel safe in our capital city. Violent criminals should be scared of the police. Law abiding citizens should never fear the police – they serve us.

How Amy Gallagher as SDP Mayor of London will improve policing:

Police the streets, not our tweets: We will end two-tier policing of political views and make the Met impartial again. Policing will be strictly non-political and objective, showing no preferential treatment to any lifestyle or demographic. The only ideology manifested by the police will be the observance of the law and the suppression and detection of crime. Police resources will be deployed to fight violent crime, not to suppress free speech.

Police accountability: The SDP will rank London boroughs in terms of crime and publish a full and frank analysis of the kinds of crimes committed there and the profile of convicted criminals. Police will be fully supported in acting proactively within the law to prevent crime.

Police training and recruitment: Amy will reinforce the highest standards of duty, personal probity, and conduct at all times, on and off-duty, prioritising knowledge of the law and civil liberties, and increase the powers of the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) to increase the trust of Londoners in our police force and hold them to account.

Zero tolerance policing: This was highly successful in reducing crime in major cities overseas, which took New York from murder capital in the 1970s back to one of the world’s greatest cities in the 1990s. This “broken windows” approach to policing will be tested in one London borough and extended once results are secured.

Criminals will fear the Police: We will work with the Department of Justice to make resistance to lawful arrest and violence against police officers carry double tariff.

Free the police from political correctness. We will increase ‘Stop & Search’ powers and free the Met to tackle knife crime on the basis of operational evidence.

Transport – Reliable, Safe, and Convenient

The SDP will end the tax on going to work – whether you travel by car or use public transport, ULEZ and our high cost, low efficiency Tube network harms our economy and punishes London workers. We will de-politicise TFL and end ULEZ.

How Amy Gallagher as SDP Mayor of London will aim to make London Transport reliable and safe so that Londoners can travel freely and confidently:

End the ULEZ tax, which is based on flawed research. We will enable people to drive freely, keep their money and end the war on cars resulting from authoritarian anti-travel ESG policies and Net Zero measures.

Reduce LTNs – Low Traffic Neighborhoods should be instituted democratically, through consultation, and on a small scale. We will use the mayoral London Plan to ensure a democratic mandate for local planning.

Transport should not be political. The SDP will de-politicise and enforce neutrality throughout TfL. This will apply to relevant Train Operating Companies (TOCs), bus companies and all frontline service providers and their personnel.

Professionalise transport staff in the mode of “public servants” in their bearing, attire and training.

Bring back civility. Zero tolerance for graffiti and other antisocial behaviours affecting public transport ambiance. An outright ban on loudspeakers with full enforcement on public transport and in stations.

Reliability task force for buses in conjunction with TfL Roads and boroughs.

Large transport projects will be supported and encouraged. For example, extending the London Underground into outer boroughs; West London Orbital (WLO); DLR Thamesmead extension; DLR Thamesmead extension; Crossrail 2.

Lower Tube fares for commuters: London has some of the most expensive rail fares in the world and workers should not be wage gouged when they are the driver for our economy.

Housing and City Planning – Build Houses, Build London

The SDP will use the power of the Mayor’s Office, master planning powers, and The London Plan to prioritise the building of housing to help solve the housing crisis that the political class, left and right, have collectively failed to address over the past 30 years. Our plan will transform London’s failing, neglected, and underfunded infrastructure into that of a smart, green, resilient, tech-focused, democratically audited 24-hour city ready for the 21st century.

How Amy Gallagher as SDP Mayor of London will improve housing:

Build more houses: The SDP will increase the mayoral precept by 25% for houses over £2m in value – raising £750m annually. This will raise £3,000 million over 4 years which would house 36,000 Londoners and provide revenue to the mayoralty (budget cost – £1 million to build 5 flats).

The Mayor has the power to convene – talented and intelligent people want to talk to the Mayor. People will answer his calls. He is currently not using this power in a beneficial way. People with great housing expertise are being ignored. The SDP will convene the best experts in the field to foster new approaches and trial new ideas.

Public land – Using the power to convene, the SDP Mayor will encourage the co-development of public/private land. By master planning land adjacent to publicly held land we will maximise both profits and the supply of affordable housing. We will produce an accurate register of the spare/wasted public land and engage regularly and energetically with Network Rail, TfL, Thames Water, The Highways Agency and the London boroughs to encourage the release of public land.

Intensification – We need to intensify land use in the outer London boroughs where the population density is one-third that of central London, especially close to Tube stations and transport nodes. This can be done artfully by putting the public realm at the heart of every new scheme – some of the nicest and densest places in London would not get planning permission today but people love them!

Renew the London Plan – Many senior planners at the GLA will tell you that the current London Plan is just a wish list – it is not strategic and it needs to be re-written with increased housing provision as one of its central objectives

Do deals and encourage competition – The private sector wants to make money and needs a partner they can trust. Let them build more great places and deliver more affordable houses. The SDP will run a Mayor’s Architecture competition every year for housing with the prize being a rebate of Mayor’s council tax for the winning scheme for 1 year to encourage participation.

Council Tax (The Mayor’s share) – The SDP Mayor will encourage National Government and the 32 London boroughs to simplify the council tax – it should be set at £1,000 for every million of value of the private property or part thereof. So a Russian oligarch who currently pays £4,500 for his £100m property in Belgravia will now pay £100,000 per annum (a speeding ticket!). This will raise millions of extra revenue from those most able to pay.

Supply and demand – There is no amount of supply that can fulfil uncontrolled demand. We can only meet the demand if our borders are controlled. The SDP will be honest about the effect mass immigration has had on London, rather than just repeating mantras like ‘diversity is our strength’. Immigration must serve the workers and citizens, not the other way round.

City Planning – Building Better, Building Beautiful

End business rates for small businesses – helping your local high street.

Create a clean environment, beautiful architecture and more green space.

Nothing improves streetscape and the public realm more surely than mature trees. The SDP will allocate £25m to street tree-planting in the five most disadvantaged boroughs.

Women’s Safety – Protect Women’s Spaces

Women can’t walk the streets of London at night safely without fear of crime. Women don’t have reliable 24-hour transport links to take them home safely. Politicians can’t even bring themselves to say what a woman is!

24-hour Tube, occupied streets, and a vibrant night-time economy all contribute to women’s safety at night. Currently London has none of these things, but Sadiq Khan employs a “Night Czar” for £120k/year to preside over the decline. A city that can’t serve and protect its women is a broken city.

How Amy Gallagher as SDP Mayor of London will improve women’s safety:

Increase public safety: With more visible policing and more police back on the beat.

24-hour Tube: The Tube must run through the night, every night, to ensure women are able to work, commute, and enjoy the city on a 24-hour basis without fearing for their safety. Tube stations will always be manned to allow women to see them as a place of greater safety at night; night bus timetables will be harmonised with Tube timetables to reduce waiting times.

Liberalise licensing: To encourage a vibrant night-time economy which in turn will make our streets more occupied and safer for women alone at night.

Street lighting: Increase coverage to ensure there are no hotspots for crime in the dark.

What is a woman? The SDP know what a woman is. Biology is real, and at the SDP we will protect women’s spaces from encroachment by biological males.

Projects not Politics

The SDP Mayor will support startups for innovative projects using new technology. Politics is not just for elections, but for building the public good. Join us to build now.

Mobilise volunteers – A great city mobilises the vast energies and talents of its citizens in the service of community. The SDP will establish a community volunteer network database where citizens can offer their skills for certain community support services (civic improvement, education, help for the aged, NHS, construction, environment, tourism guidance), and the GLA will fund a team of five to manage the programme in each of the London boroughs (Budget cost: £22m).

People power – The SDP is a democratic party which believes that unaccountable elites have too much influence on our civic life: we will develop a platform for Londoners to express their views on major policy changes or civic features and commit to holding one referendum on at least four such issues in the mayoral term – including a referendum on the abolition of the mayoralty itself.

People’s audit – There are some opportunities for London boroughs to cooperate more deeply to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The SDP Mayor will convene a monthly interoperability and efficiency review, to seek ways and means to achieve lower council tax bills through asset-sharing, procurement, overhead reduction and bench-marking.

Refund the people – We will significantly reduce the Mayor’s budget of £80 billion over four years and transfer this money to reduce people’s council tax.

Family, Community, Nation.