A vibrant and productive rural economy is essential for society and for the UK’s economy. Agricultural innovation and productivity, environmental sustainability and animal welfare are all key elements in the future of Britain’s countryside.


  • After recovery of the UK’s territorial offshore fishing rights the government will assist in securing investment in a revitalised UK fishing industry.
  • Post-Brexit support for agriculture will prioritise investment in new technology as a means of moving UK farming gradually away from reliance on subsidies. Land-based education (agriculture, forestry, horticulture, engineering) will receive new investment.
  • Minimum standards for mobile telephone and internet connectivity shall be secured in rural areas through a combination of investment and operator regulation.
  • Funding for regional and rural bus travel will be increased in order to protect the viability of and patronage on essential routes.
  • Financial incentives will be provided to farmers, local authorities and other landowners to initiate carbon capture schemes including tree planting in suitable locations.
  • Public bodies such as local authorities, schools and hospitals will help establish Local Food Ecosystems by sourcing food directly from local producers.
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