Agriculture & Rural Affairs

We will invest in new farming technologies, encourage local food consumption, and revitalise Britain’s fisheries.


  • After recovery of the UK’s territorial offshore fishing rights the government will assist in securing investment in a revitalised UK fishing industry.
  • Post-Brexit support for agriculture will prioritise investment in new technology as a means of moving UK farming gradually away from reliance on subsidies. Land-based education (agriculture, forestry, horticulture, engineering) will receive new investment.
  • Minimum standards for mobile telephone and internet connectivity shall be secured in rural areas through a combination of investment and operator regulation.
  • Funding for regional and rural bus travel will be increased in order to protect the viability of and patronage on essential routes.
  • Financial incentives will be provided to farmers, local authorities and other landowners to initiate carbon capture schemes including tree planting in suitable locations.
  • Public bodies such as local authorities, schools and hospitals will help establish Local Food Ecosystems by sourcing food directly from local producers.
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