Wednesday Night Fightback 1: Low Trust Society

How can we rebuild a high trust society?

By: Editor

In the first episode of our new Wednesday Night Fightback podcast series, the SDP’s Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss the concept of a low trust society.

Every one wants to live in a stable community. We have a collective memory of a higher trust society, which resurfaces now that we are suffering the miseries and privations of a low trust society. So much responsibility has been devolved to the state which delivers poorly and with increasing authoritarianism.

William and Michael discuss the crucial question: as a party, and as a country, how do we rebuild a high trust society?

Michael’s article on ‘Trust and Risk, Fun and Freedom

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  • The UK needs a Revolution not reform the SDP must present itself as the alternative Government it’s certainly not Labour

Family, Community, Nation.