Wednesday Night Fightback 17: The state of the main parties

The main parties focus on 'who gets to rule?' rather than 'what's the best thing to do?'

By: Editor

In this episode, Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss the state of the UK’s main political parties.

The Labour Party’s right and left factions take turns to purge their ideological adversaries, while Conservative Party infighting has led to another spate of resignations.

The main parties are now just incoherent coalitions. Career politicians are interested in gaining power, but have no ideas for how to use it to make the country better.

William and Michael explore the reasons for this and finish on a positive note: the recent political upheaval will bring at least three by-elections, and the SDP will offer the public a decent choice at the ballot box.

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  • The 3 failed old legacy parties must be swept away there’s real clamour for change in the UK Sunak and Starmer offer nothing new neither will do anything to improve the dire state of Britain the Cons I believe will scrape Home at the next election albeit with a smaller majority as Starmer’s crew will scare people away the SDP must be the alternative Government maybe a Prime Minister Clouston

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