Wednesday Night Fightback 4: Talking to Remainers

Is it time to talk to our friends the Remainers?

By: Editor

In our fourth Wednesday Night Fightback, Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss attitudes to Brexit.

Despite the name-calling and the media’s determination that the Brexit vote should cause incurable rifts, there are areas of agreement and shared concerns between ‘Leavers’ and ‘Remainers’.

William and Michael ask whether it is time to talk to Remainers and invite them to join us in our mission to repair and rebuild.

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  • The Remainers/Remoaners lost the referendum in 2016 they still complain 6 year’s later try every underhanded trick to overturn the decision to leave the EU led by Keir Starmer who should never be allowed near Government

  • Time for the SDP to campaign to persuade the British people to finally reject the 3 tired legacy parties forever and get the alternative Government We so desperately need in Britain

22nd March 2023

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