Wednesday Night Fightback 6: CPTPP – a good deal for the UK?

Will joining the Asia-Pacific trade bloc benefit the UK?

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In our sixth Wednesday Night Fightback, Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss the UK’s recent accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

After two years of negotiations, our membership of the world’s fastest growing trade bloc was announced with great fanfare as a major post-Brexit success.  Some critics say the financial rewards are small and will take years to realise, but others highlight the important political and diplomatic benefits of this agreement.

William and Michael ask whether the potential benefits justify the hype.

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  • Though We have left the EU We cannot be isolationist in this day and age why not join a group which is the future whereas the USA and EU are in terminal decline

  • With Labour now exposed for low rent attacks on PM Sunak the SDPs prospect’s look promising as an alternative Government will the SDP make it policy to return to a good standard and reintroduce the Bradbury Pound

5th April 2023

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