Wednesday Night Fightback 7: Persuasion not coercion

Have politicians lost the art of political persuasion?

By: Editor

In our seventh Wednesday Night Fightback, Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss the growing tendency for politicians to use coercion rather than persuasion.

Where once political persuasion and argument might have been considered, Britain’s political class now talk only in the language of fines and bans. This erodes the mutual trust necessary for a happy and successful society.

William and Michael ask whether this approach can ever be justified.

Due to the Easter break, this episode was recorded before we heard the good news that the Worker Protection Bill has been shelved.

Link to Michael Taylor’s article:

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  • As a proud member of the Social Democratic Party since April 2020 never again should We allow Government to be our authoritarian overseer’s again after what Johnson and Hancock were doing telling you and I what to do who to see who to meet with their dubious Lockdowns and Restrictions, Government must drastically be scaled back in size We need a codified written constitution and become in my view a Federal Republic

12th April 2023

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