SDP Talks with Liam Halligan

Liam and William discuss Britain’s mounting housing crisis, how it came about, and how we can begin to solve it.

By: William Clouston

In this episode of SDP Talks, William Clouston is joined by the economist and journalist Liam Halligan to discuss Britain’s mounting housing crisis.

Liam and William discuss how Britain’s housing shortage has come about, the effects of poor housing supply on families and society, and how the country can build more homes.

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  • If We are to get on top of the housing crisis the best way is to stop any more immigration the Tories Labour and liberals are clueless to our real interests Johnson also will deservedly lose the next general election the sdp for me as an alternative government

  • I think that having millions of humans coming into the country is a massive factor… I have lived in London, Midlands, and Europe…. Council houses and social accommodation has been allocated to immigrants. Take the 10 million plus out of this country since 2000, we would have been able to build the housing needed for are population, the fundamentals of the problems in Britain is land mass and populations flooding into are country from abroad. The reasons why places like Denmark, Norway work is numbers of humans, they control it. Sweden has allowed thousands of immigrants into their society, they are now having immense problems. Britain since Blair has declined, we are so messed up now, it’s going to take conflict to sort the mess in The West. We have allowed are politicians, and elites to savage institutions, history, immigration, and are Western culture, house is just part of the every growing problems. Allowing millions into your country, is bad for us, as well as the countries these individuals are leaving, it’s a terrible idea, and know one is thinking about the truth of the matter.

    • Rt to buy for council tenants allowed people to pull themselves out of poverty and own there own place

      Similar scheme needed for private tenants this would enable profit element of present 9 billion cost to finance the scheme rich making a profit of the poorest in society from taxpayers money is surely obsolete
      eg mother with 3 kids in2 bedroom flat !

    • Unfortunately the Liberal/Left, including those in our so-called Conservative Government, see the UK as the world’s lifeboat, but when a lifeboat is overloaded it sinks. They do not seem to appreciate that fact.

  • Should farmers be able to retain the entire uplift in value for farmland which receives planning permission for residential development?

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