SDPtalk with Kathleen Stock

Kathleen and William discuss the social, legal and political impacts of gender identity theory

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Why Reality Matters

In this episode of SDPtalk, William Clouston is joined by philosopher Kathleen Stock, the prominent gender critical feminist and author of ‘Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism’.

The view that gender identity is distinct from biological sex, and that it should have greater recognition and legal protection than biological sex, is increasingly accepted in our institutions. Our language and laws are being altered to fit this new ideology.

Challenging these assertions tends to provoke a serious backlash, yet most people instinctively know that biological sex is real and crucially important in contexts such as healthcare, sports and women-only spaces.

Kathleen and William explore the philosophical ideas behind gender identity theory and discuss the social, political and legal impacts of denying biological reality.

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29th July 2023

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