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The End Of Indifference documentary with William Clouston

Join SDP leader William Clouston in exploring how and why Britain's economic order is failing us all, in his documentary covering the findings of the SDP's new green paper - The End Of Indifference.

By: William Clouston

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  • Great video, this is the message we have to carry forward, we can have prosperous cities and regions again with the right policies to restore our lost industries. The SDP can break through and the reality is it must because the Conservatives at best are a party of managed decline and Labour’s priorities are clearly elsewhere.

  • I believe our Party is on the up the British People are getting fed up with the weak Johnson Government and with the uselessness of Labour not offering the UK or an alternative I believe that Johnson will be out of office by March or April

  • Is there another political party in Britain, where you can honestly put your hand on your heart and say ‘yes, this is right, this is worth fighting for’? Shoulders to the wheel.

  • This is exactly what our party should be fighting for, become a self-sufficient nation again. Manufacturing here can also help the environment as we transport less across the world.

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