Wednesday Night Fightback 11: Housing – getting things done

What can we learn from 1960s Singapore?

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In this episode, Michael Taylor and William Clouston talk about getting things done. How do we overcome Government indifference, civil service incompetence and bureaucratic red tape to build much-needed houses?

In the 1960s, newly independent Singapore had a devastating housing shortage due to high immigration and failure to build. Sounds familiar?

William and Michael outline how key political figures successfully tackled that situation and discuss what lessons we can draw from this for the UK today.

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  • Social Democratic Party must step forward and offer the UK a different alternative to Sunak and Starmer I have come to the conclusion that We need a different path and that for the last 60 year’s the Liblabconsnp regime has done real harm to our Country

3rd May 2023

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