Wednesday Night Fightback 15: Global warming? Don’t despair – prepare

We must focus efforts on adapting to change

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In this episode, Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss the global fight to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Data from the Global Monitoring Laboratory shows that this approach is not working and gives no reason to expect that it will work.

William and Michael agree that reducing reliance on fossil fuels is important and that domestic nuclear energy is crucial to a reliable and environmentally conscious energy mix.

However, they argue against extreme measures proposed by activists that would make the country poorer and consequently less well equipped to adapt to inevitable change.

Michael cautions against despair – humanity has always found solutions.

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  • The climate emergency is overblown it’s dreamt up by the Liblabconsnp regime supported by their cronies in the MSM

31st May 2023

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