Wednesday Night Fightback 2: Lockdown Files

What did we learn from the lockdown files?

By: Editor

In the second episode of our new Wednesday Night Fightback podcast series, the SDP’s Michael Taylor and William Clouston discuss the lockdown files.

WhatsApp messages between senior politicians and civil servants during the pandemic reveal gung-ho attitudes, an obsession with comms, disregard for evidence, and utter contempt for the British people.

William and Michael explore the implications of these leaked messages and consider an important question: how could a new Government with sensible policies overcome opposition from an entrenched civil service which cares more about spin than delivery?

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  • If these revelations about the Johnson/Hancock/Starmer consensus don’t convince the British public on why the 3 tired legacy parties must go then they will never learn will they Hancock is a contemptible human being We all Johnson was only in office to enrich himself and his ego, Starmer is a dull mediocre bore Brownite failed CEO of the CPS who jumps on every bandwagon out of desperate opportunism the SDP must be that alternative Government the Cons and Labour are becoming increasingly unpopular

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